Monday, March 17, 2008

It was Daffodil Days last week. Daffodil Days raises money for the American Cancer Society. Some St. Olaf students were up at the hospital, selling daffodils. Our bouquet came into full bloom this weekend. They make the dining room feel like spring.

We took a break yesterday afternoon and took a walk in the Carleton arboretum. Some mud, some ice, and lots of snow. It was refreshing to be out and upright, after hunching over laying the flooring for hours.

We worked to music putting our floor down. I've been messing around on Itunes, creating playlists. We really liked two recent playlists. Try 'em. Put "dance" in your search box, and make a playlist out of all the songs that come up. For the other one, put "rain" in your search box. These were both really fun, varied playlists! We had 34 songs in our "dance" playlist, and 44 songs in our "rain" playlist.

A few of the outdoor cats were all sitting looking intently to the south. What do you suppose they were waiting for?


Rani said...

The cats - waiting for spring, like the rest of us. sigh.

Now we're in that awkward melting stage when we feel like taking a walk but we're up to our knees (and paws) in mud.

Lorraine said...

Funny but my cats sit looking out the south facing windows, too. Hmmmm!

Love the color of the socks. And the new floor. They are both gorgeous.