Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall's coming!

Fall is coming on fast. You almost can't be in our yard without tripping on or getting clunked on the head by falling walnuts. I'm waiting for the tree foliage to change. The Cannon River Valley will be gorgeous.

Last bloom of the petunias - I won't cover them if it freezes again.

I keep plugging away at the seaman's scarf. I've got 37 grams more yarn, no clue on the yardage - I didn't make a note when I spun it. I guess I most likely will use all the yarn! It's been a very simple lace pattern to memorize. Just two rows of pattern, and all the even rows are just purling back. Good tv watching lace.

I'll be glad to be done with this scarf - I'm feeling like a colorwork sweater. (Goes with the fall weather, eh?!) I'm saving my spending money for my upcoming SOAR trip, though, so I'll have to settle for stash knitting until then...


coleen~ said...

I hope that you are feeling better. Where is your SOAR trip to? We're ok here. A friend came over tonight and let us test drive her VIBE. WE kinda liked it. We had dinner on the deck w/ the firepit going. not a lot of wind...just about perfect.
take care, love ya lots!

Lorraine said...

I am so green with envy about SOAR! Have a delightful time.

I love that yarn. It is such a fabulous color. And it's a perfect match for the scarf pattern.