Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lazy day off

Today's my day off. I love it here in the morning after everyone else has left for school and work. It's so quiet, all I can hear is the birds and the occasional vehicle going by the house. I'm sitting all cozied up on the couch, with a hot cup of coffee, still in my robe. I'm nursing a bit of a cold (maybe allergies?).
The view from the front window. It rained last night, it's still cloudy and grey.

Here's the socks I started on the way home from Decorah on Sunday. The last pair from the machine knitted, dyed yarn.

I only have one ball of this, so I'm doing both socks at once, toe up. I'll just knit til the yarn is gone. They'll be shorty socks, I'll bet!

I picked the seaman's scarf back up. It'd been languishing in the basket for more than a month.

You can see I knitted the neck section, then started on the other side of the scarf. Now I can do both sides at the same time and just quit when I'm out of yarn. (Or til I like the length - it sure looks like I have a lot of yarn to go!)

It looks like I'm going on color spurts! I've finished all my blue/green projects, and now I'm on to yellow/orange. I haven't been doing this intentionally. Anyone else find they go in streaks?

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Lorraine said...

What a clever way to do a two-ended scarf! I'll just have to give that trick a try.