Monday, September 10, 2007

Crocheted Potholder, etc

jesslm asked where she could find the potholder (pics here) pattern. I got it out of an old Spin-Off magazine, but I'm pretty sure it's just a standard easy pattern, found in lots of places. I found the same thing, well described, at the Mielke's Farm site, right here - Diagonal Hotpad.

They're easy to do, and if you don't make it too big, they make up pretty quick.

Before the weekend, I managed to spin up a sample skein from the Shanghai Nights fiber I bought at Shepherd's Harvest in May. It's Coopworth and silk threads. I spun it long draw, and then double plied it. I really like the bits of the silk in the fiber. This is about a worsted weight. I think I'll spin up the rest at this weight. The long draw makes it a really light yarn. I'll have to carry the skein (or maybe I'll knit a little swatch - gasp!) and carry it around to check on the pilling potential.

This past weekend we managed a quick camping trip to Frontenac State Park. I did a bit more spindling on the Canyon Shadows fiber. I used my nostepinne, and made another ball, so this week I'll probably try to ply the two balls together. The first ball was 26 grams, this weekends ball is 42 grams. I guess that means I've got about 44 grams left to spin? I did start another spindleful.

This was our morning coffee spot. Overlooking the Mississippi River on a deck-like platform. You could see forever..

We did a few geocaches, did some hiking, even rode our bicycles. It was lovely cool weather, mostly in the mid 70s during the day.

The hike down to the river (the campground
is up on the bluff) is a bit

over 400 feet down. It's a great walk down, but they should give you a merit badge for walking back up!!

Girl of the House had great fun digging in the sand.


Lorraine said...

I just love all the camping sites you link to. We're newbies but I'm making a list for next year. Whoot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the potholder link.

Looks like you had a lovely camping trip!