Monday, September 3, 2007

How 'bout these socks?

Finished the socks Friday on the way to the State Fair. Paul drives, I knit.

This was from the machine knit blanks I made at the Nancy Roberts class at SOAR two years ago. I dyed them with Wilton cake dye, raveled, reskeined and knit 'em up. 48 stitches, two up, 2 circs, plain foot, 2x2 ribbing on the leg. I can cuff 'em, or wear 'em all the way up. Started August 26, finished August 31.

I like them alot, but I'm pretty sure they are handwash. I don't remember anyone saying it was superwash yarn.

I have enough left to start shorter socks for the Girl of the House. These have all her most recent favorite colors.

We've done four geocaches this weekend, been up to REI for their big sale, and best of all - had a fabulous dinner at the lake home of Paul's brother Harlan and wife Coleen, and our friends Jeff and Linda. We sat long, talked much, and laughed often (til 1am!)

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Lorraine said...

Such super socks! I've got to get some plain wool and knit up some blanks on my machine. Looks like too much fun!