Wednesday, September 12, 2007

mix and match

My carry around project is the second pair of these dyed socks. I thought I had enough left-over blue/green/purple/teal yarn to make a short pair of socks for the Girl of the House.

I was rapidly approaching the turning of the heel when I realized I had enough for a nice foot, but no cuff.

After discussing it with GotH, we decided to make a yellow/orange foot and attach the blue/green/purple/teal yarn for the cuff. Slightly strange perhaps, time shall reveal how strange. She prefers the blues to the yellow.

So - you see the beginning of the yellow/orange foot.

In other areas, it has cooled beautifully here. A bit early for such cool weather, but I like it. I ran 7.3 miles last evening in a much faster time than usual - gotta be because it's so cool and bright. I listened to the soundtrack from "Rent" and the time just flew by. I've got 40 miles under my belt for September - maybe THIS will be the month I make my goal of an average of 3.5 miles/day.

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