Thursday, August 30, 2007

Plying coopworth lamb fleece

Spent last evening, sitting on the deck, plying up some more coopworth lamb fleece. This is a goodly portion of the medium color in the fleece. (I finished the lightest shade quite a while ago.)

Approximately 540 yards in 18 oz. It's a three ply. I have another 6 oz that I'm planning to ply this evening.
Is there really a difference in the colors, you ask? Have a look. Lighter shade on the left.
Tomorrow, Paul and I are off to the Great Minnesota Get-Together (the MN state fair). We're looking forward to some great people watching! There is NO PLACE better.

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Lorraine said...

Oh, wish I was going to the fair this year. But too expensive, with 4 kids who only like the midway.

I thought about sneaking off by myself to check out the quilts and knitting but this summer cold has me sidelined.

LOVE the coopworth yarn! Is it as soft as it looks?