Friday, August 24, 2007

Amazing - my diamond found, and an evening without rain

Friday night, waiting for the pizza to be done...

Every Friday night, if we're not camping, we make homemade pizza and watch a movie. Tonight, waiting for the pizza to finish cooking, we were able sit out on the deck. YEAH!

The kids were a bit rambunctious. They were fencing with old pool cue sticks. Girl of the House had Ben on the run for a goodly portion of the match.

Chip sat, out of the way, and watched intently.

Paul sat, out of the way, and surfed the net.

Pizza finished cooking, we ate pizza and watched "Spaceballs", a truly silly Mel Brooks movie.

Then Ben went out with his friends - why do people actually leave the house to start their night at 9pm? I guess I really am getting old!

Hey, Hey, know what?! The night housekeeper at work found my diamond in one of our operating rooms! And returned it to me!! Will wonders never cease????!! What an amazing man...

oh,heck, I have revised this a bunch of times, and I CAN'T get the fonts to be the proper size. Bear with me, eh?


Lorraine said...

Hooray! Honesty is a great thing but this is beyond wonderful.

Hasn't the weather been sooooooo much better!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the diamond! Frankly I like the fonts that size it is easier to read!

coleen~ said...

I'm so happy for you!!! YEAH!!!

I'm liking the blog thing. I don't have to start over every time I want to add the web page deal was. And pictures are so easy now! Thanks for your prodding.....