Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So, can you tell what's missing?

Yup, today, while at work, I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring. Didn't notice til about 2pm. I'm not sure exactly when it disappeared.

The thing about working in the OR, it probably ended up in some nasty place.

We looked all over the floors, in case carts, storage areas, etc, etc. I refused to let anyone go through the trash - that's just TOO MUCH to ask.

Of course, today I was the float RN, so I was in all of the operating rooms, helping out. I was all over the hospital, too - in the cafeteria, the mail room, I went down to the loading dock to get supplies. Couldn't have been a day where I just ran one OR and stayed in that room, oh no..

In other news, I finished knitting my satchel on Monday. I was on call, so didn't felt it that evening, and last evening I was just busy. I don't want to start felting, then get suddently called to work. Tonight I'm on call again, so I won't felt it. I'm off tomorrow - looks like I have a date with the washer.

(new school pencil included for scale)
Finished Paul's Regia mini-ringel socks on Sunday. It rained all day - we actually filled the fireplace with wood and had a fire on Saturday evening and Sunday. We sat and read, played games, and knitted (well, I knitted). We kinda pretended we were still camping.

Regia's a great yarn for him - wears like iron.

Friday evening we headed out to my folks house in Wisconsin. Took Ben's girlfriend Jamie along, too. The kids were able to get out and play on the lake a bit, Friday evening.

We came home Saturday noonish. We stopped to do two quick geocaches in the immediate vicinity of the folks house.

It was drizzling, and promised more heavy rain - which started by the time we reached home. We got 3 inches - nothing close to the major flooding farther south in Minnesota.

(By the by, WHEN did I get my mother's hands?!!)

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Lorraine said...

Oh, how sad! I am terrified that I'll lose my ring, since it has grown a little large for me. I tend not to wear it except for special occasions.

Can't wait to see the felted FO! And the socks look fabulous.

We needed some rain, but sheesh! Enough already. Kind of nasty day for the opening of the State Fair, too.