Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation projects

I ran across an article in an old Spin-Off magazine. It described making crocheted potholders from smaller skeins of handspun. I brought a few skeins along on vacation and gave it a try.

I haven't crocheted since Ben was a baby. But it sure comes back quickly, doesn't it? Especially basic single crochet...

This is probably the fanciest potholder I've ever had. Wool, alpaca and silk. I had a few small sample skeins. I ended up joining two colors, purple and yellow. A bit homely, perhaps, but it is just a sample. I have alot of small multicolored skeins, and I think I'll try a few more potholders.

Side one:
Side two:

I did some more camping spindling. Managed to make enough to ball it on the nostepinne, just waiting to ply it with the next spindlefull.
Lots of driving time meant lots of sock knitting time. I'm getting closer on these socks for Paul!
Ben returned from his summer gig at Camp Pepin the same day we came home. You know, looking at the pictures I've posted of him, it appears he never wears shirts. But you can see the tan lines, so I guess he does...
Here's how you can tell he's home. A pile of stuff, dropped by the door. I expect the majority of this stuff will stay right where it is til he goes back to college next week. I know I'M not going to pick it up!

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Lorraine said...

What a charming potholder. I'd make one. But then again, I'm on a bit of a crochet bender lately.