Friday, April 20, 2007

Wonderful Wallaby

A Wonderful Wallaby for the Girl of the House. We've been watching the past seasons of "Lost" on DVD in the evening after she goes to bed. I find I'm unable to do anything that requires any concentration on stitch patterns or colorwork during the show, so I just go round and round in stockinette. The Wallaby is wonderful for this.

This will be her third Wallaby. I was hoping to make it out of a washable wool, but she couldn't find a color that she liked as much as this teal (her most recent favorite color) that was acrylic. She's going to wear it, so I guess she should like the color!

The cuffs are a bright green. I'm using Reynold's Utopia. Purchased at Three Kittens Yarn Shoppe during their Leprechaun sale in March.

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