Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Few Finished Objects

Finished Peekaboo mittens for the girl. Perfect for this in between weather. Brown Sheep Naturespun yarn chosen in her favorite color.

Finished Paul's Pakucho organic cotton sweater ( or rather, finally seamed it up!) The pattern is from an old Interweave knits. Joan McGowan-Michael's pattern for 'Mike's Easy-Fit Pullover'. I needed to make a few adaptations to adjust for the shrinking that I knew was going to occur with the Pakucho. It turned out to be a comfy-cozy everyday sweater.

I've been working on slippers for my family. I'm using the Fiber Trends pattern for felted clogs. I finished these for my son, his girlfriend, and the girl of the house roughly two weeks ago. Paul's are done, he's been wearing them. Mine are made of the leftovers from the kids slippers and some other scraps. I've been using Cascade 220 and Brown Sheep Naturespun. I hope to finish mine this evening and get them in the washer. Then I'll take pictures of ours to put up.

Maybe I'll get better at posting more often. Our 5 year old computer crashed in February, and we decided to go with a Mac. We're really happy, but there is a bit of a learning curve. It's nice when college boy comes home and can give us some tips!

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