Friday, April 13, 2007

slubby thrum yarn

Restless last evening - couldn't sit still to knit. Ended up spinning up this batt I carded Monday evening. I'm working on spinning a Coopworth lamb fleece. I split it into three shades of grey. I've been working on the lightest shade first. I carded it all up, and had a ziplock bag full of the waste from the carder - I couldn't quite bring myself to throw it away. After I finished the light color, I grabbed my bag of small bits of leftover yarn and carded the waste with the yarn. I got this cool looking batt. Last evening, I spun it up. I had 40 grams, and it ended up a 52 yard 2 ply yarn, roughly dk weight. I'm thinking I'll use my 4x4 weavette and make a few coasters.

It's family movie night. We make pizza from scratch (including the crust) and watch a DVD every Friday night. Tonight it's Barnyard. Making coasters would be a light work during the movie.

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