Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weird Cats

The outdoor cats have begun reproducing. Here is litter #1 and #3. Bumpkin and Scamp (Scamp is the calico with all the white).

Bumpkin had her 3 kittens in the old water trough by our front door (we usually put flower pots on/in it for summer display. She had her kittens on Monday.

Today, Scamp decided to share her space, and had 4 kittens there, too. So, they're sharing the space and appear to be nursing each others kittens.

Paul, who grew up on this property, said he had never seen cats share kittens like this. We have seen cats who shared one litter. They were sister cats, and one cat lost her litter. They took turns spending time with the kittens and both nursed them. But this is the first we've seen have kittens in the same space. It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts...

The dog is fascinated. Everytime he goes out, he trots over to have a look at the kittens here, and the other litter that is over by a shed. The outdoor cats have been loved by Paris since they were born, so they have no fear that he will harm them.

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