Monday, April 16, 2007

Coaster, socks and a new toy!

I finished one coaster from the handspun thrum yarn on Friday night. I'll bet I can talk the girl of the house into doing a few more for me. It's a bit rough around the edges yet, but with a rinse and some pressing, it should be good! I really like the way the yarn looks in this coaster. A bit of color, but not TOO much.

I started a new pair of socks today. Toe up, generic pattern. I'm going to do a K3, P1 rib. It's Lornas Laces shepherd sock in Purple Club. I LOVE Lornas Laces sock yarn. Wash and dry in the machine, they stay gorgeous. I'm still wearing a pair from LL yarn that I knitted in 2000. I'll probably carry them around awhile, working on them during lunches and such... (Of course, soccer time is quickly arising, so I'll probably have more waiting around to do in the near future!)

Paul's new toy. He bought a fancy weather station, delivered Friday. After assembling it on Saturday, he set it up on the hill. It does everything except mow the grass around it. It sends all the info to a receiving station in the house. Really cool. Now he's working on getting it uplinked with our computer - then on to the internet on Weather Underground!! (We can be such gadget geeks!)

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