Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finished my clogs!

Lots of snow in MN today. Very out of the norm, yet not impossible, for April.

Nice to stay in and wear my new clogs! Here are Paul's and my clogs. He's been wearing his for a few weeks, so they show the
effects of two cats and one big dog in the house. (lots of hair!)

Finished and felted my clogs last evening. They are made of leftovers from the kids slippers, and some from a felted bag. I tried to make them evenly matched, but apparently I'm not that good at measuring out equal amounts of yarn. I'm still very pleased with them!

They're bright and toasty warm.


Lisa said...

Stumbled upon your blog and LOVE the clogs. What pattern did you use. I have a sister who lives in Montana and could use some tootsie warmers.

Tonyia said...

The pattern is from Fibertrends - felted clogs - it's really easy. I've made lots of pairs. They're fabulously warm, and we wear ours all the time. These were all replacements for ours that were beginning to wear out.

you can look at the pattern here.

Most yarn shops have the pattern, and you can always buy online!

Thanks for the comment!