Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy April 18th!

And it's coming down heavier now.


Linda said...

Ditto. It looks like 8"...maybe more. BH will give me the lowdown when he goes out to shovel. The wind is starting to pick up extremely! Stay safe, warm and cozy. Good day to keep the knitting needles fired up!

Rani said...

Gosh! Can you even believe this!? What do we do with all of these robins. They won't eat from my feeder. I even thought about going out to by meal worms, but the bait shops are closed.

How much did you get down there? It looks like 10 inches on my bird feeder. Sheesh.

Love the mittens btw!

Nina in the Northwoods said...

We are in the same boat here. More snow on the ground here now than in December. I had a Flicker at my peanut butter feeder today, he's been here for a month, eating heaven knows what. I even had a Junco eating peanut butter today.