Monday, July 9, 2007

Tour de Fleece begins!

We were at a soccer tournament all weekend.
(notice the first place trophy cup?!)

So, I didn't get much spinning done for the Tour de Fleece.

I did get more of my coopworth fleece spun up.
Now, I need to card up more fleece!

Last evening, just so I could say I spun, I did up a few little bits of the class samples from
Shepherd's Harvest.

I worked on my socks driving to and from the games.
All I need to do on this one is graft the toe!

Friday night, we watched the first disk of Roots. I, of course, saw this when it was originally broadcast 30 years ago. My younger husband didn't see it. And it's a cool thing for the Girl of the House to see, too. Anyway, I started my satchel Friday night. Two strands of yarn, around and around - this pattern seems to fly!

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Lorraine said...

Well, in spite of the tourney, you've got a lot to show off. Love the yarn from Shepherd's Harvest. I was always peeking at the drum carder class because it looked like so much fun.