Sunday, July 22, 2007

Paisley Lace Shawl completion

I finished clearing off my work table, only to discover that it isn't wide enough to block a square shawl. So Saturday, I was doing the laundry, and blocked the shawl on the sheetless bed. Hard to get high enough to get a good blocking picture - we have a canopy on the bed. It blocked out to 51" square. (Love those blocking wires!)

Here's a picture this morning on the deck. I'd have a picture of me modeling, but I still had my jammies on. I used 5 ounces (out of 8) of Angel Hair by Joslyn's Fiber Farm in the Plumes colorway. A bit over 1000 yards, if my math is correct.

Last night I finished my spindle spun socks. They definitely don't match, but I still love 'em. Cuff up, 2x2 ribbing. They are long enough I can fold over a cuff. That'll probably be the way I wear them.

We're dropping the Girl of the House at camp today. First she has a district soccer game to play. If they win, they'll go to state! Cross your fingers...

Then, Paul & I are going to spend a few nights camping ALONE!!

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Lorraine said...

So pretty. I want to reach through the screen and fondle the shawl. And I am impressed with the spindle spun socks. I am a slow spindler.