Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sun Dyeing

Lorraine asked for details on my sundyeing...

I do it quick and easy - not very complicated... I managed a little bit of it this weekend. I'll attempt to demonstrate?! Feel free to question - this is my first attempt at a tutorial!

I had 72 gms of Merino/silk that I bought on ebay a while ago that I wanted to dye.

I soaked it for about a half an hour in room temperature water with a few drops of dish soap in it to prepare it for dyeing.

I spun it out in my handy-dandy salad spinner (purchased at a garage sale for cheap).

Assembled the dyes and outdoor equipment I needed - boiling water, suntea jar (from years ago when I used to MAKE sun tea), wooden spoon.

Filled the suntea jar with a few inches of the hot water, carefully fed in approximately half of the merino/silk.

Tipped in about a half capful of the Gaywool cornflower dye. (gaywool is a fun dye that doesn't require premordanting, or vinegar.) Let it set about a minute...

Carefully pour in more hot water, letting it run down the side of the jar, so it doesn't felt the fiber.

Add about a half capful of the Gaywool bluegum dye. Let it sit on top of the floating fiber for a bit, then push it gently down with the wooden spoon. (wooden spoon used ONLY for dyeing)

Let it sit out all day in the sun, making sure it is always in full sun.

Leave it out overnight, and in the morning I pour it out into my salad spinner again for spinning dry.

I gently rinse in room temp water.

Spin again in salad spinner. Hang to dry.

Shake to refluff, and you're ready to spin! With the silk in this, I had a hard time getting a really nice picture - the silk keeps shining!

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Lorraine said...

So Cool! Gotta try it. Been meaning to hit the second-hand stores for a crock pot or electric roaster but this method looks so much easier.