Thursday, July 5, 2007

And a late happy fourth to YOU!

We had gorgeous fireworks here in town last evening. We sat in our little old topless yellow jeep wrangler, high on the hill above the fireworks, ate ice cream sandwiches, and enjoyed the heck out of ourselves.

We woke early (it WAS a weekday after all) and sat out on the deck, reading the morning paper, drinking coffee and admiring the morning.

I got a bit restless, and eyed some fiber that had been on the bobbin for about 3 years (REALLY!). It was the leftovers of some merino silk hand dyed with natural dyes that I bought at SOAR in 2003. I had plyed the rest up, and this little remainder was waiting for inspiration, I guess.

So, I plyed it up. You can see the twist that was set in after all those years on the bobbin!

Ah, looks better here, doesn't it. It had its little bath and a quick dry on the clothesline in the sun. 17 grams, 64 yards. Approx 1700 yards per pound. What I'll do with 64 yards, I don't know; but it makes a nice addition to the small skein pile.

And I feel like I accomplished something!

Then I took big dog and went for a run, before it got too hot. 7.5 miles. Didn't make my June goal of 3.5 miles/day - I'll try again this month!

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Lorraine said...

Such pretty yarn. Maybe a fair isle cuff on a Plain Jane sock? I've got some shorter lengths like that and wondered the same thing. I was pondering using it as an accent yarn, somehow.