Monday, January 31, 2011

NaKniMitMo 2011

I took part in National Knit Mittens Month (NaKniMiMo) over on Ravelry this month.

While the hedgehog mittens took me longer than I expected, I did manage to finish two more pair of mittens.

The Winter Wonderland Mittens from Classic Elite.

I used the yarn called for by the pattern - Classic Elite Fresco.  It's a cuddly soft mix of wool, alpaca and angora.  I really enjoyed this yarn, and the mittens are already getting a fuzzy angora halo.

Ben asked for another pair of fingerless mittens.

I used some handspun coopworth/sari silk yarn that has been aging in the stash.

These are so quick and easy - long tubes of ribbing with large button holes for the thumbs. 

I made five pair for my co-workers holiday gifts, all from handspun.


Lisa said...

Always love the fingerless. Definitely considering the winter wonderland pair to replace my lost mittens. As always, excellent!

coleen~ said...

I was thinking of making some fingerless but then got on to making a purse.....oh, too many projects floating around in my brain!

Rani said...

Look at you go! There is smoke comin' off your needles. You are a knitting fiend!

Those mittens are absolutely gorgeous. Really pretty.