Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sky lanterns launched!

Ben and Bekky came home for a visit this weekend, and we were able to successfully launch our sky lanterns.

We didn't put on the snowshoes this time.  We just headed out to the widest part of the driveway.  It was much warmer - 24˚ with no wind at all.  Much easier to light the lanterns and definitely friendlier to any exposed body parts!

The lanterns looked amazing as they floated away into the night.

And while he was home, Ben picked up his fingerless mitts and a matching knitted hat.

I think they were a hit.


Rani said...

That looks like fun!

coleen~ said...

way cool! We haven't lit ours yet. waiting for a special occasion. Or the right visitors....... ;-) Wonder how the dogs in the neighborhood will react... Twas thinking of B&B this week....have they set a date yet? Inquiring minds need to know!