Saturday, January 29, 2011

It must be a coyote den

This is the second coyote we saw trotting past the house this morning.

Managed to capture this one on film:

Absolutely beautiful.

As long as we don't have any livestock, that is...


Rani said...

Gosh, they are beautiful. I had the pup out a few nights ago for a bathroom break and I heard a yip from just beyond my line of site in the woods. I've never been nervous with them, but I looked at my wee little pup and gave them a second thought. How exciting to find the den! Maybe pups in the spring??

coleen~ said...

Only once have the boys went into the back yard and been really nervous. We have reports of coyotes around here so I am sure one was out there.

BTW, I saw 3 does behind our house on Friday am. It is amazing what wildlife we have in the 'burbs. But I can't ever get any photos except of the birds.

Ellen said...

No coyotes here - just turkeys! I almost ran into a flock of the dumbest birds alive just outside the post office on West 7th Street in Saint Paul.

Check out this video of wild turkeys in Minneapolis!