Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Day Snowshoeing

While we were out at Grand Targhee, WY,  we were able to do some snowshoeing on Christmas Day.  On that bright sunny morning we headed down the hill to Teton Canyon Road.  There's a marvelous 13 km groomed nordic ski trail back into the Tetons.

 The area receives enthusiastic use on the groomed ski trail, but it was fresh and untouched for snowshoeing.

With seven inches of fresh fluffy sparkly powder on top of a deep snowpack, we couldn't ask for better snowshoeing.  We headed off the ski trail and made our own trail just a slight distance from the river. 

The Grand Teton in the background.
What an awesome afternoon in the snow!

Paul's been given the opportunity (via Snowshoe Magazine) to take some Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-heat boots for a test drive.  
The boots performed well in the deep powder.  His feet stayed warm, dry and comfortable.  He frequently swaps out the footbeds in his boots and inserts Superfeet footbeds, but found he didn't need any changes to the support.  He's worn these boots while we've hiked in the Carleton Arboretum and they've been very comfortable for hiking.  Good traction on icy trails, and they've kept his feet warm even at  -10˚ F.   While he's accustomed to a slightly taller boot, the only thing he'd like to see improved was the lacing on the top portion of the boot.  Some hooks or D-rings would certainly make it easier to achieve the snugly comfortable fit around the ankle.  

All in all, he's quite pleased with these boots, and will use them a great deal this winter!

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coleen~ said...

Beautiful photos! And how cool that Paul gets to test out boots. How did that come to be?