Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowy Weekend

Friday night we had 11 inches of light powdery snow.  

Saturday dawned bright and sunny.  

It made a great day to go skiing at Welch Village!

(No pictures there, I'm afraid I didn't carry the camera.)

Sunday we lazed about the house.  

After a big brunch, we roused ourselves enough to go out for the first snowshoeing of the season.

The dogs went crazy in the deep snow.

Paul had his first chance to use the Dale of Norway mittens I knitted him at the end of last winter.

They're the perfect weight and breathability for snowshoeing.


Rani said...

Awesome mittens! I have to knit myself a pair. Wasn't the snow wonderful? We didn't get as much as you did. Maybe 6 inches up here (just west of the Twin Cities).

I wonder if those kids up on the St. Olaf hill took their cafeteria trays for some sledding (I'm an Ole alum). I still have mind! HA HA HA!

Guinifer said...

Our lab likes to flop on his back and wiggle around like a snake in this snow. Never fails to make me laugh.

Lisa said...

We have yet to see our first real snow for the year. I'm starting to miss it. (Note to self: Kick myself for saying that when I start bellyaching about how long winter is.)