Saturday, December 11, 2010

In the ditch in front of our house

Blizzard warnings:

Good day to take the fish house to the lake, don't you think?  Particularly if you need to take a country gravel road.  (The nearest lake is still eight miles distant.)

"Aww honey, I'll be OK.  I've got four-wheel drive and the plow."

At least he's got the fish house as a winter survival kit!

Sometimes, stupid should hurt.


Rani said...

Oh dear. That stinks. Heh heh. Poor guy. We just got back from a 'leisurely' drive to retrieve our kiddos and IT. WAS. NOT. FUN. Back home safe and sound.

coleen~ said...

Stupid SHOULD HURT! Is the river froze over?....maybe he could divert to 50yards away instead of 8 miles...