Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday randomnicity

Girl of the House made delicious apple muffins this morning.

What a great start to the day!

I've finished a few small projects this week.

An odd looking item, eh?

It's a hand-holding mitten for Ben and Bekky out of some handspun.

A pair of mittens for myself.

Pattern from Dale of Norway St. Anton 2001 pattern book.

It feels good to knit some colorwork again.

Last, and least, because it was easiest: fingerless mittens for me from handspun finn fleece.

We live in the country. We don't rake leaves.

Except in the house.

Yes, this is my dining room floor, under the two hibiscus plants I brought in for the winter.

I don't think they're too happy with the transition, do you?


Lisa said...

I love the hand holding mitten. How cute!

coleen~ said...

looks like it was a good weekend there. did you get any trick or treaters? Did GofTH go out and about searching for candy??