Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brussel Sprouts geniuses, I tell you!

You are ALL geniuses!

I had never seen brussel sprouts 'on the vine' before. Once they are removed from their stalk, they look amazingly like a human spine! creepy

And, does anyone have a recipe that makes them taste good? You all seem to like them. We roasted them in the oven with olive oil and sea salt. Everything's supposed to taste good roasted with olive oil and sea salt.

Yeah, not so much with brussel sprouts. (Or kale, for that matter.)

I do like my brother's idea - wrapped in bacon and cooked in butter.

Isn't that kind of like the old joke 'how to smoke a carp'? If I recall correctly, it involved exacting instructions for putting the carp on the cedar shingle and precise details on the smoking process. At the end of the smoking, you 'throw away the carp and eat the shingle'.

Can we throw away the brussel sprouts and eat the bacon and butter? YUM!


Lisa said...

I'm a plain Jane. My hubby cooks them in a pot with butter. Not the healthiest, but a great taste with a little bit of salt.

I saw something for them regarding grilling with balsamic vinegar. I thought of doing that once my double grounding from the grill is over (long story).

Ellen said...

You can always just make them into Halloween decorations! Scary . . .

Unknown said...

Another one of my internet friends loves brussel sprouts. She calls them candy. You might ask her how she cooks them:

They do look neat though.

There's only a few veggies I won't eat - raw onions (love them cooked though), mushrooms, and turnips. Otherwise yum, yum, I love veggies.