Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We saw otters this past weekend!

Real, live otters in the wild. Awesome!

It was a family of three otters, catching and gobbling up trout in the Temperance River. It was a treat to watch them frolicking.

Over the MEA school break, we headed north to Temperance River State Park.

We needed to get our fall fix of Lake Superior.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon, in the drizzling rain. The weather was actually 10 degrees warmer than it was at home. Sweet!

This was the view from our campsite high on the bluff over Lake Superior.

We hiked,

played on the beach

(notice a certain similarity in the rock skipping posture?)

and had a nice, though short, fire. The drizzle drove us into the camper earlier than we had hoped, but we spent the remainder of the evening in the camper playing three handed cribbage.

Saturday dawned clear and bright. After a big breakfast, we spent more time on the beach.

We headed home in the late afternoon after enjoying the sunny shores (and the otters!)

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Rani said...

What a treat! The whole darn trip. Especially the wild otter though. They're kind of like Minnesota's answer to the dolphin - so playful and friendly and beautiful. Lucky you! Great pictures!