Friday, October 23, 2009

Blue Fest

I have managed to get a few things knitted lately.

A sampling of recently finished objects, all in blue:

Plain vanilla socks.

I dyed the yarn just before our trip out west this summer. I could have made these socks identical twins, but I went for the definitely fraternal twins.

Ain't it fun havin' weirdo socks sometimes?

Wooly camping sleeping socks for Bekky, who tolerated sleeping in a tent in 30 degree temps in the high Rockies this summer.

The yarn for her socks was spindled on that trip.

Some handspun, knitted fingerless mitts for Girl of the House.

There is one more finished sweater, but I'm hoping the recipient will model it for me when I see her this weekend.


troutbirder said...

I like that potato thing and intend to give it a try next year. The otters were really neat. We've camped up the Sawbill trail and this summer twice at Beave Creek S.P. Thanks for sharing.

Rani said...

Look at all of those fabulous finished objects. And socks out of hand spun! COOL! I am kind of put off a bit on my spinning because it seems that when I ply two strands together, I end up with not enough yarn to make anything. and it's pretty bulky. I am waiting to take a class somewhere around here.

Guinifer said...

I am impressed with all you FO's! I love every single shade of blue you used!