Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Repurposed Kureyon

This basket of Noro Kureyon has been sitting waiting for years.

Once upon a time it was a clever sweater, Round Trip, from a 2003 Knitter's magazine pattern.

Knit in my pre-digital camera era, I don't believe I ever got a picture of that sweater.

It was a very pretty sweater, and I looked like a moose in it. (Actually, if you go look at the completed sweaters on Ravelry, you'll see that it makes almost everyone look like a moose. There's a reason that the majority of the pictures are taken from the rear view. Great concept, ugly in reality.)

So it became balls of yarn again.

Til now.

I finally found something to make with the poor old yarn. It's becoming a blanket. A Ten-Stitch Twist

It's a strangely addictive knit.

Kureyon is always fun to knit. I just want to knit to the next color change. (or the color change after that)

I'm swatching two shades of Kauni yarn for a sweater for Paul.

While this is not the best combination of the two yarns, it will still give me a good idea of my gauge.

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Ninne said...

I love this blue Kauni colour of yours, could yo please tell me which colour it is in their color card?