Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remember our potatoes?

The potatoes growing on our deck?
With the beautifully colored flowers?

We harvested in mid September.

Our yield was approximately 18 pounds of wildly colored potatoes. White, yellow, red, and blue.

The red ones are actually pinkish throughout the flesh. Kinda freaky.

And the blue ones make tasty mashed potatoes, once you get your mind wrapped around the color.

Definitely an eye-opener.

I think it's an experiment worth repeating next summer.


Ellen said...

One day my kids mixed "flesh pink" food coloring into the oatmeal because they were sure I wouldn't make them eat it. Surprise - I am the wearer of the "Mom is mean" note after all!

I didn't even remember this until my daughter told me all about it again this summer. Just as long as what comes out the other end isn't affected, I say "go blue mashed potatoes!"

Rani said...

I can't remember - I'll do a quick search of your blog, but did you put them in cool containers? They turned out great! I did containers this year because of a bad bug infestation last year. It worked out really well, but now we're going to try to double our containers! It's so easy and they're sooooo yummy, aren't they?

ps. I love the colors!!