Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We spent the past weekend at one of our favorite Minnesota State Parks, Beaver Creek Valley.

Beyond the two weeks we spent in Colorado, we've only had two weekend camping trips this year. Both have been at Beaver Creek Valley.

It's in a very narrow valley in southeastern Minnesota, with lovely little Beaver Creek running through it. The base of the valley is only 200-300 yards wide with steep wooded bluffs rapidly rising alongside. The temperature in the valley is usually 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area.

It's also only about 45 minutes from Ben and Bekky's college. This added even more pleasure to our weekend - they came to visit!

Ben visited on Saturday afternoon, and then stole Girl of the House away to college with him. He surprised her by taking her to a campus concert of Rockapella, one of her favorite groups. She even overnighted with him.

Ben, Bekky and GotH returned for Sunday brunch and hiking.

Beaver Creek is a trout stream, pure and clear, bubbling from several small springs in the rock at the base of the bluffs.

We walk down to the 'Big Spring' every morning for coffee.

On the drive home, we stopped in Rushford for a few geocaches. The search led us to a scenic overlook, high on the hill.

Another amazing place we never would have visited save for geocaching.

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Rani said...

The pictures are just beautiful. It looks like such a calming peaceful trip.