Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A new sign popped up on our road last week.

The one hundred year old bridge across the Cannon River is finally going to be replaced.

The township plan is to leave the bridge in place for walking and bicycling, and build the new one just slightly up river.

It was a bittersweet final ride across the river last evening.

The downriver view, soon to be obscured by a big fancy new bridge.

Meanwhile, til completion of the new bridge in July '10, our commutes have been lengthened. Now we'll have to go all the way into Northfield and then back north to our jobs.

It's a minor whine. Paul's commute will take fifteen minutes rather than ten. My commute will take ten minutes rather than eight.

I guess we'll live.

But it won't be as pretty. Crossing the bridge on my drive home has been my cue to take a deep breath, relax and really let the workplace go.


Rani said...

Lovely post - both the pictures and the writing. I wish that they would put a teeny tiny nod to the past when they build the new bridges and make them charming as well as functional.

Lorraine said...

I still want to make it to that campground. We had rather bad luck camping this year - non-stop rain. Uggh! But hope springs eternal.

Lovely photos.