Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Homemade Pesto

Our very first homemade pesto!

First, decimate the huge basil plant you've been carefully tending in a pot on the deck.

Yes, I know we have enough land for a gorgeous garden. Yes, you know that we like to play too much to grow more than a few tomato and pepper plants in the actual garden.

OK, we've got asparagus and rhubarb, too, but they don't really require any care, now do they?

A couple or three cups of gorgeous fresh basil leaves, some pine nuts, a few big cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, and a healthy glog of extra virgin olive oil. (EVO, to the Girl of the House - a big Rachel Ray fan.)

Into the food processor with it all, and, Oh my, we've got yummy pesto. YAY!

Fresh zucchini, some angel hair pasta for the pesto, and a roasted chicken, and I'm too full to talk.

Still plugging away at Rogue.

Not much progress to brag about, eh? Trust me, it's there.

And my dyeing experiment is still on the deck.

Today's promised to be in the 90s.
That will be a good day to end it.

Looks like the blue in the middle has exhausted fairly well, so far.


Guinifer said...

We make pesto all the time - but we usually just make bruschetta wtih it - what proportions do you use it in your pasta?

Anonymous said...

I love your basil plants - it makes me wish I grew my own instead of having to buy it at farmers markets.

Tonyia said...

Guinifer - We just set out the pesto, along with some cut up tomatos, parmesan to grate, black olives, etc, and let everyone just dish up however much they like. Girl of the House has a tiny bit, Paul and I load up pretty well. (Kinda our own little pasta bar.)

S for Kitchen - We grew our own basil in the garden for several years, but didn't get out there to pick and eat it as often as we would have liked (yeah, lazy). Putting it in a big pot on the deck sure made it easy to pick and eat! In fact, we're planning to bring it in for the winter, and see if it'll keep growing.