Monday, July 21, 2008

Stand Off

Stand-off between little dog and one of this years batch of kittens.

They sat and stared at each other for quite a long time.

Kitten braved a move.

Chip jumped to catch him.

Kitten did make it to safety after a bit.

We were out in the pasture this afternoon, braving the high dew points, heat, and mosquitos.

Picked several pints of black cap raspberries.


Georgie fell asleep watching the birds on the feeder.

Guess those birds are safe!

Hibiscus loves the heat and humidity.

Makes the Girl of the House happy.

I did get some spinning and plying finished.

This is the orange fiber I sundyed a few weeks ago. It turned pretty homogenous when plyed, but it'll make a great hat or some half-mitts.


Lisa said...

I remember when Porter & Bonkers would play the standoff game. The cat was serious & dog thought it was playtime.

Delicious looking berries & lovely yarn. When do you find time to spin the yarn?

Guinifer said...

The dog and cat are hilarious - but I love the picture of Georgie asleep. How sweet.