Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lots of smileys

I finally rescued the sundyeing fiber from the deck.

A quick rinse and spin, and it's hanging on the line to dry.

We planted our tomato and pepper plants late this year.

So we're ecstatic to see this little jalapeno peeking out. It's even red already!

It's a small garden, but we'll have fresh goodies yet.

Bedtime reading.

They're finishing the Chronicles of Narnia series - the final book "The Last Battle".

Makes me so happy every time.


Guinifer said...


coleen~ said...

The yarn looks perfect!!! I love it!

We've got peppers but none are red yet and the plants are almost pathetic...and we fertilized and have watered regularly... oh well, as long as there are hot ones growing.....