Monday, December 3, 2007

Peekaboo Mittens

We just hung out all weekend. It was quite relaxing.

Girl of the House made a pumpkin pie and some cherry crisp. We ate it ALL! Might as well start off the holiday season with a bang.

This morning, I'm off work. I dug out the holiday dishes. We'll use these til Jan 1. They set the mood, as it were...

I finished the mittens for my work giftee.

These are the Peekaboo mittens from MagKnits Feb 07.
I made several of these mittens earlier this year, and I forgot how much I like them! The yarn is Tahki Donegal Tweed - left over from my Central Park Hoodie. They will match her wool coat. Took less than a skein.

Our party is this evening. I think I may have time to sew up a pretty gift bag. Maybe one of those box bags?

I sat in the sunshine yesterday morning and spun up one more bobbin of the Shanghai nights fiber. I'll probably get one more bobbin out of this. I have a pound of it to spin. No - no clue what I'll do with the yarn when I'm through.

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Lorraine said...

Cool mittens! Hockeyboy has been asking for some fingerless mitts for playing airsoft but those might be a better choice. Hmmm!