Sunday, December 30, 2007

Home again

We made it home this morning at 6 am. We left Utah at 11 am Saturday morning.
It was snowing when we left, but the only slightly challenging driving was across Wyoming, where the wind is always blowing. And blowing snow across the highway in winter.

We skied Snowbasin and Powder Mountain.

Snowbasin was busier and more groomed. The Olympic downhills were held at Snowbasin in 2002. Paul and Ben skied the men's and women's downhill runs. Girl of the House and I took it a bit easier.

Powder Mountain was wonderfully wild and snowy. They leave more of their runs ungroomed, and there was fresh powder.

Here's Paul and GotH at Powder Mountain. We three skied together. Ben and Harlan skied more challenging stuff.

Coleen stayed back at the condo and snowshoed for more than 2 hours, taking fabulous pictures. (She's extraordinarily talented! Go see her photos here - Little C Creations)

The temp stayed around 0 the day we were at Powder Mountain. Ben got very frosty.

On the way to Snowbasin, I almost completed my Rambling Rows afghan. Unfortunately, I only brought the one ball of yarn. I was so SURE I had enough. But, as you can see, I was a bit short!! It still made a great lap afghan for the car!

It finished out at 45 inches by 48 inches. I left out the centermost blocks, as I could see I would run short of yarn. It weighs 3 pounds 14 ounces, so it's not light. It is cushy, drapey, and heavy. I love it!

On the way home, I finished Paul's Cobblestone pullover. (Well, I didn't do the underarm grafting in the car.) It fits great! Now, just to block it and graft those last little seams.

It was a great pattern to knit, very clear and easy instructions. I made the 43" size, and used approx 1200 yards of the Harrisville Highland yarn. The Highland knit to gauge on size 7 needles.


Lorraine said...

What a wonderful vacation! I don't ski and even I'm drooling over your descriptions and pictures.

I LOVE the new lap blanket! It is so gorgeous. And the sweater turned out lovely as well. I like Jared's designs so much.

Guinifer said...

Wow - a perfect vacation - lots of knitting/driving, fun people and beautiful country!

Gorgeous blanket and sweater!

coleen~ said...

It was an awesome trip, but equally awesome to be home. Thanks for the fun times and great memories!
hey, we're going to be in town the next 2 weekends. want to hit the sales at Medford? Or go up to Pendley's or Michaels?

Lisa said...

Nice sweater. Did you get it from Knitting Daily's website? I just saw it there the other day and was curious....

I just got back from the fabric store, I'm going to take a swing at whipping up a box bag this evening.

Tonyia said...

I see they just put the Cobblestone sweater on Knitting Daily, but I got the pattern out of the fall 07 Interweave Knits.

You're gonna love those box bags! I struggled a bit with the first one, but once I understood what I was doing, the next ones were EASY!

Lisa said...

You were right about the box bag. I whipped up four of them last night. Three for my teacher friends as gifts and one for myself (of course). I went straight from the site you found it on. I'm thinking about the corner modification you made and am kicking myself for not trying it.

Not to worry, I definitely plan on making more of these.

Thanks for the sweater tip. I knew I saw it somewhere else before. I have that mag! I knew I wasn't losing my mind....

Love your blog by the way!