Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our very own santa

Ben bought his own Santa hat. Here he is, getting ready to go sledding with some buddies.

He bought this hat Tuesday this week, first thing, while we were shopping. He wore it the rest of the shopping day. Ordinarily, people are always smiling and nodding at him. He's very good at acknowledging and engaging even casual passers-by. Wearing this hat, very few people even made eye contact.

Now, I expect a few strange looks when he's out with his mohawk. (Yes, this is how he came home from college.) But a santa hat, now that's pretty mild, isn't it?

However, if you ever want to be truly invisible, go to the grocery store with your 13 year old son with his newly dyed electric blue hair. I could have been totally naked - no one even saw me. It was great fun watching all the reactions, though!

Woke this morning to snow.

It's my call weekend. I worked til 10pm last night.

I've been to work and back this morning for a c-section.

Yes, when you need to be preparing for a trip, and have a million things to do - that's when you'll have to be away at work the most!

No knitting in the past few days - work, work, work...

I'll have lots of knitting time in the truck on the way West, though! YAY!

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