Saturday, December 1, 2007

No "Christmas at Luther" for us this year...

This afternoon, we were going to Luther College, in Iowa, for the Christmas at Luther concert. Ben is in Cathedral Choir at Luther, and they do a fabulous Christmas concert.

Due to the weather, we have elected not to go. We have 4-5 inches now, and its still coming down. Looking at the national weather service, and speaking to Ben, it's sleeting in Decorah.

The concert is at 7:30. It takes us more than 2 hours to get to Luther, and coming back in the dark and ice is not in the cards today.

I LOVE to see Ben perform. He LOVES to perform. (Well, I guess he's going to perform whether we are there or not, isn't he...) The concert has been sold out for some time - no chance of seeing it tomorrow, in better weather.

I'm bummed.

However, it is beautiful here.

Girl of the House went out and shoveled the sidewalk for us, unbidden. She played in the snow with her little dog.

This is the first accumulation of snow Chip has seen. He seems to love it, eh?

We're settling in.

Paul's making his most excellent chili.

We'll have a fire. We'll all snuggle in. I'll knit. Paul and Girl of the House will read. There will be good music.
Good wine. Yummy chili for supper.

It will be good.

But I'll still miss Ben.

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Chris said...

I went to the Friday Christmas at Luther concert - before the snowfall, luckily. It was great, as usual. Had dinner ay Rubaiyat, on Water Street. Fantastic food.

Wonder how many people couldn't make Saturday's concert. Quite a few, I bet.

Sorry you had to miss it.