Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wonderful Wallaby progress

OK, time to kick butt and get this Wallaby finished!

I decided to do a stockinette hood. You may remember, this is the third Wallaby I have knitted for the Girl of the House. The other sweaters had garter stitch hoods. I tire of the acrylic yarn, and just want to be done with this sweater - therefore STOCKINETTE!

The snazzy thing about this sweater is that you can try it on as you go. She put it on last evening before bed. I kinda liked the look of it as a sweater with a collar (an ulterior motive, you say?!). However, the Girl wants the hood. I put a few more inches on the hood after she went to bed. With any luck, I'll finish the darn hood tonight. Graft the hood and underarm seams, weave in a few ends, and it could be done tonight! I love patterns with no seams...

Ben and I went shopping last Friday. He needs a few last things for his summer at camp. While searching for items for him, I did happen to notice a few things for the house. Our pillows are getting pretty flat - and LOOK - they are two for the price of one. This required in store testing.

The interesting thing is, you can lie on the floor in a store and no staff members approach you to ask you to get up and act like an adult! We laughed ourselves silly.

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