Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Small projects

The Lorna's Laces socks are moving along, albeit slowly. These are my carry around project. Got a handy new small bag at Target in the dollar area. Yeah, put small cheap fun things right by the door, and you've got me!

The foot is done on size 0 needles. The ankle is on size 1. I plan to knit til the ball is gone, but I've got quite a bit left - maybe I'll give in and bind off soon.

The Baby Surprise jacket. I'm inventing the stripes as I go along. So far, I'm pretty satisfied.

Last evening I sat on the deck as the air cooled (It was 92 degrees yesterday!) and knit. Sitting quietly, knitting, invites the Girl of the House to chatter away extensively to me. I learn quite a bit about fifth grade friendships and social politics. I remember how terrible middle school was with social politics, and it is already beginning. Not sure I'm looking forward to the whole middle school experience next fall...

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Guinifer said...

Hey I just found your blog through the Minn. Knitters Blog Ring - I love your baby sweater! We were at the Festival on Sunday, but I didn't buy much.