Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Broken body parts...

The Girl of the House broke her arm on Saturday. Ben was home from college, and they were jumping on the trampoline together. She didn't fall off, just landed on her wrist wrong on the trampoline. No tears, just "My arm really hurts".

Off to the ER for a quick xray. Fractured radius and a chip out of her ulna on the right arm. Temporarily splinted. We saw the orthopod Tuesday, and now she has a bright blue cast from hand to over the elbow. With all the wonders of modern technology, it's made of fiberglass and lined with gore-tex cast padding, so she can get it wet! Yay for bathing!!!

No soccer for 3 weeks. Well, he said she could work on her ball handling skills, but no running or actually playing the game. Unluckily for her, the first traveling soccer game is next week.

I've knit a bit more on the Wallaby, up into the placket. It's always a bit tricky putting a second color on the placket when working in the round. (Just don't look TOO closely on the inner side...)

I started a Baby Surprise Jacket out of Encore. I have never knitted one. Only have the very beginning, and can't quite picture the assembly, but I know that's a frequent issue with this pattern. I've got lots of fun colors to put in.

I like Encore for gift baby sweaters - it's machine washable and dryable, and doesn't pill.

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