Friday, November 5, 2010

Warm feet

 Girl of the House has outgrown her slippers.  Small dog of the house managed to pull my
slippers into his kennel and snack upon them.  The temperature is dropping - we've finally turned the furnace on.

It's time for new slippers!

Here they are before felting.  

My slippers are the mismatched pair (made from yarn leftovers).

 And here they are after felting.

I love this Fiber Trends felted clog pattern.  I've know I've knit more than 10 pair.

And I know know I'll knit more.

Sun setting on the old silo.

It's a very simple view, but it  makes coming up the hill after a run all the more satisfying.  I catch my breath, slow down and truly see the light.


Guinifer said...

Oh, those dogs!

Rani said...

Yeah, those darn dogs! I also like that pattern and should really get on that - we are all currently slipperless. I have promised to finish all my fo's before I begin anew. Maybe this will inspire me to get moving!!

Ellen said...

Very nice clogs!