Saturday, November 20, 2010

GotH cooks!

We recently picked up 20 frozen chickens from Finca Mirasol, a branch of the Hillside Farmers Cooperative.  

Once a week, Girl of the House cooks a meal.   This week, it was to be chicken!  She chose a recipe a few days in advance and assured me we had all of the necessary ingredients.

She began with some of our home-grown purple potatos.


She added some of our yukon gold potatoes.   

Mmmmm, mashers!

While they warmed in the oven, she began her surprise:  Fried Chicken.

I'm sure I haven't made fried chicken in 20 years.  I wasn't much assistance to her.

Note the recipe book computer open on the counter.

I'd say she was pretty successful.

It was delicious!
 She's the chief piemaker for Thanksgiving.

Here she tried out a new recipe:  Pear Frangipane from Relish magazine (Relish is one of those freebie little magazines that comes in our Northfield paper)

This is amazingly delicious!  And it looks elegant too.  It will definitely be going to my brother's house for Thanksgiving.

I've been working on a new sweater.

Muted Musician Gansey (Ravelry Link) from Beth Brown-Reinsel's Knitting Ganseys.

Knitted from Cascade 220 in a lovely periwinkle color at four stitches per inch.  Anyway, that's the gauge called for, but I'm not sure I like it.  It seems a bit loose and 'sleazy'.  I keep knitting though.

Well, we'll see...


Guinifer said...

I would like a cook of GotH's quality to come live at my house!

coleen~ said...

what exactly do you mean by "sleazy"? Looks like a conservative sweater to me.....