Sunday, February 7, 2010

High School season is over, and only the Devo season remains. On the weekends, Girl of the House skis with the Welch Village Junior Devo Team.

Saturday we drove up to Powder Ridge in Kimball, MN for a Devo race.  It was 22 degrees.  Down right tropical in comparison to a month ago when she raced in -25 degree temps.

You just gotta love these small Minnesota ski hills.  

You see such a wide variety of skiers and snowboarders.

When I learned to ski in high school, we wore blue jeans.  It just wasn't cool to even admit to owning snow pants.  Boys wore long underwear beneath their jeans, girls wore pantyhose.  Good to see that still works!

A true Minnesotan ski family.  For lunch, they set up in the parking lot.  It was amazing to see all the equipment come out of the back of this Suburban.  

Burgers, wieners, and a Mich Golden Light - what more do you need?

(Love the cow apron.) 


Guinifer said...

My maternal grandfather grew up in Red Wing, MN. My mom has a photo of him at 6 years of age, geared up for downhill skiing on a pair of skis my great grandfather made out of barrel slats. I learned to ski from him at Hyland Hills back in the 60's.

Lorraine said...

I've got 2 snowboarders and 2 skiers and it is a blast to go to Hyland with them. I've never seen tail-gating like that at Hyland, though. Hmmmm!