Sunday, February 21, 2010


While we are really enjoying watching the Olympics, restlessness set in this afternoon, and we headed out for some snowshoeing.  It was sunny and in the 20s, a beautiful February afternoon.

We headed out to our pasture, just to check the borders.  This deer path is in the west pasture directly next to the house. The deer have tromped quite a path.  They like to eat out of the bird feeders on the north side of the house.

Next, out to the southeast corner to check out the bench.  It's a nice place to head in the summer mornings for a cup of coffee.

It was buried to the seat. 

We moved on.  No rest for us there!

The little dog was in charge of checking out all the rodents in the snow.  His snout gets covered.


All in all, it was a good day to be a dog out in the sunshine.

Not bad to be a snowshoer, either.

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Rani said...

Great pictures! Especially the last one!!! What a fun day and a nice post.

I've been busy skiing and tonight, I am really sore and really tired. My knitting is in my lap, but I haven't had the energy to pick it up. . .