Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two finished objects, on the third of the year

The Ten-Stitch Twist blanket has been completed, tested, and has been found satisfactory.

I like it much better than the sweater the yarn was in its former life.

The Noro Kureyon makes a pleasant light weight afghan.  Finished size is 42 inches across, just right lap size.

This pattern doesn't require a great deal of attention when knitting.  This made it a great knit for movie watching, or visiting with company. 

Hippocampus mittens knitted with leftovers from my Kauni cardigan.  They have gone to live with Bekky.

They were so much fun to knit that there is another pair on the needles for Girl of the House.

Have you discovered Settlers of Catan?  

Girl of the House received the game for Christmas, and we've been playing quite a bit while we're huddled around the fireplace for warmth.  (Once again, it's severely subzero in Minnesota.)

It's good for three or four people, and there's an expansion set to make it fun for more people.


Guinifer said...

The game looks verrry complicated. Is it difficult to learn?

PS - I hope my boys grow up and meet girls like yours! She is so beautiful and has such a gorgeous smile!

coleen~ said...

Love the quilt!!! did we tell you that the Swain kids broke out Killer Bunnies at Thanksgiving? H tried to guide them thru it!!! We always pine for Ben when we play it as he is such a great tutor!
Love to all....

Unknown said...

I love Catan. Seafarers is good too. I could spend a fortune buying these games and expansions.

Another you might like is Agricola. It's a little more complicated (and expensive), but lots of fun.

Love visiting your blog - there's always something warm knitted and the pictures are beautiful. I'm glad you're still posting.

Rani said...

Where the heck have I been!?? I had to check to be sure I'm still on your list of updates. Yup. I must have been out of town when you posted this.

The blanket and the mittens are amazing! Fantastic! How cool is that. You've been busy.

PS. thanks for the game tip. We're always looking for a new one to try.